A Guide to 200 Common Birds of Lebanon

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Written by: Richard Prior
Illustrated by: A. Birch; J. Gale; M Langman; B. Small
Translation and Supervision: Assad Serhal; Joumana Serhal
Language: Bilingual in English and Arabic

This is an introductory field guide to the brds of Lebanon. Each species is featured on its own page with a good colour photograph, a high-quality colour drawing reproduced from Birds of the Middle East, and a brief accompanying text. The Introduction contains the following sections: About this book; Describing birds; Finding birds; Watching birds; When to see birds; Migration; Threats to birds, and Birdwatching locations in Lebanon, the last section grouped in a way that divides essentially into habitats.


Lebanon is situated on one of the world’s most important migration routes. Its variety of habitats offer breeding and wintering grounds to millions of birds on their journeys between Africa and Europe. Yet resources for bird identification in Arabic are scarce and the people who know them best are usually those who hunt them.

Building on his experience as A Rocha Lebanon’s Scientific Officer in 2005 and 2006, Richard Prior has written and published A Guide to 200 Common Birds of Lebanon. It aims to encourage young and old to discover and appreciate the beauty and diversity of birds and the need to protect them and their natural environment.

Written in English and Arabic, the book describes the 200 species you are most likely to see on a birdwatching trip to Lebanon. Each one is illustrated with a colour photograph and painting and accompanied by text explaining how to describe them, where you might see them, and at what times of year.

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